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GLUED WOOD PLATES- Continuous Lamellae- Finger-jointed Lamellae- Lumber- Kitchen Worktops- Table Tops- Table Legs- Wooden Stairs- Technical Notes


DENLI solid wood panels
The complete program - directly from producer

Our main feature is to process the Circassian walnut (Juglans Regia= also called as English, Turkish or Persian walnut). The fundamental description of Circassian Walnut lies in the COLOR. This COLOR in its pleasant kind, shows itself in dark lines on a lighter background. The MOVEMENT, or expression of life, the activity or excitement, all these impressions give further bases for grading the Circassian walnut. The exceptionally fine grain, resistance, processing quality, distinctive color and texture of this fine wood exceeds all global standards.

We would like to offer you a wide and diverse range of single layer solid wood panels with finger-jointed and continuous lamella.

Well selected & carefully dried wood guarantees best processing & quality. A particular advantage for you is the ability also to order custom-size panels. This allows you to reduce the waste volume of this high quality natural product to a minimum.

The selection of the lamellas will be effected strictly of our high quality standards. We provide a product that meets the highest demands.