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GLUED WOOD PLATES- Continuous Lamellae- Finger-jointed Lamellae- Lumber- Kitchen Worktops- Table Tops- Table Legs- Wooden Stairs- Technical Notes


Technical Notes for DENLI Hardwood Panels

General description of the quality

Before processing the lamellas are selected by color and structure. Nature-related, occurring even within a strain variations in color, mainly after surface treatment, however, can not be excluded and not be affected. Solid wood and natural wood panels are further refined solid wood products. The natural properties of solid wood, such as shrinkage, warping, bowls and light cracking can be minimized through proper and careful gluing, but still can not be completely excluded. Temperature fluctuations or fluctuations in humidity can lead, for example to the above reactions. These natural characteristics of wood represent no complaints. Wood is alive!

Notes for processing

After 12 - to 18 -month air drying our hardwood boards are technical kiln-dried in our Hildebrand kilns. After production our panels have a moisture content of about 10 %, which corresponds to a healthy living environment of 45 to 60 % relative humidity. When transporting or storing it in unfavorable conditions come to a moisture absorption of the panels. During storage and processing is therefore essential to ensure a uniform climate. It should be stored in closed, not be too dry (superheated) or damp rooms , flat lying, completely supported and covered. When processing to wet panels may also cause the following problems: e.g. delay of the plates , crack and joint formation. The change in wood moisture content by 1% causes a dimensional change of about 0.6 %, which can lead to the consequences listed above. Therefore, we strongly recommend before processing an air-conditioning of the panels.

Notes on room climate

A healthy indoor climate, which is about 45 to 60% relative humidity, allowed even after assembly, the absolutely high quality of our edge-glued panels. In unhealthy to dry climates of course also suffers the wood and can cause the described consequences. We ask you to refer your clients and all other processors on these important points.

Special Notes for solid wood worktops

All cut edges and lateral end edges are necessarily to be treated with parquet joint sealing compound, or similar products. Sink units and other deposits are to be made necessarily in a sealing bed. In the area of the dishwasher must be affixed to the underside of wood countertop a moisture barrier, and to mount a front deflector. The distance between the hob and the worktop must be at least 10 mm on all sides. The Hob cut is to glue heat resistant fully protected with aluminum tape.


All our panels are sanded with 100 grit. This makes it possible to oil the plates depending on the desire to grow, to glaze or paint. Please note that processing and maintenance instructions of the paint manufacturer.

Important: In general, the top and bottom must have the same surface structure, otherwise it can come to distortion of the plates.


Our technical advice and the delivery terms are the basis for assessing warranty claims. For damage to DENLI glued panels, caused by poor or improper handling of cases, we do not assume any warranty. Warranty services will be credited only in the value of the goods of the damaged part. Processing and follow-up costs will not be accepted.