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SOLID WOOD PANELS- Continuous Lamellae- Fingerjointed Lamellae.. Dimensions.. Selections- Lumber- Kitchen Worktops- Table Worktops- Table Legs- Wooden Stairs- Technical Notes


Finger-jointed panels

Our program currently includes two native wood types (Circassian walnut & beech heartwood) in single layer panels with finger-jointed lamellas in following dimensions:


Standard selection A/B, C/C (Rustic)


19, 26, 32, 42 mm

     Standard Length:

2400 mm

     Standard Width:

1220 mm

     Width of stave:

42-60 mm (equal stave width in a range)

     Moisture Content:

8 %, +/- 2%


Only suitable for interior finishing.

     Surface finish:

Sanded with 100 grain sandpaper


Formaldehyde-free D3


     Specific Dimensions:

Short delivery times, even for specific customer dimensions. Please contact us.